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Our gorgeous little team is jam packed with talent and personality.

When you visit our little haven, you will fit right in, be welcomed, treated with respect, and never ever judged.  We will listen to you, and we will always have your best interest at heart because to us, it is an honour that you have chosen us.

With staff that can boast over 25 years of experience, we cannot wait to help and support you as you navigate the wonderful world of beauty! 

We cannot wait to see you!

My Story

People often ask me – how long have you been doing this? How did you get into it?  Let’s just say – it was a happy accident. 

Initially I was working in a job share role as an Executive Assistant, and as my youngest began college, the realisation that my days were not going to be jam packed with “mum to do” tasks, I started to feel proud, relieved and sad. Do you call it empty nest syndrome when they haven’t even left yet?

Anyway, a great friend suggested taking up a hobby, or maybe investing time in myself. Pffft …. whatever that means.

I took a long hard look at myself and decided that yep, I was fat, frumpy and forty something! So, I took up exercising, again, and thought about taking a course – maybe learn another language or, wait a minute …… what about a fun little make up course to help me possibly not look forty (yeah, good luck with that!).

At the very least I might end up being able to apply my own mascara and lipstick, so why not, but hang on – let’s do this properly and study a Diploma in Beauty, why not?  And so ….. beauty!  

I hope that this story empowers other women to not be afraid and just go for it, be determined and find a way, you won’t regret it!

Never in a million years would I imagine how much I would love it. After all, I was the oldest in the class– surrounded by young, talented, enthusiastic, creative and at times crazy strong women who I simply adored and still do to this day.

Then the Diploma and Advance Diploma were all said and done. When graduation was a thing of the past, and my youngest was fast approaching his own graduation, I thought about filling my time working part time as an Exec Assistant and part time in beauty combining both my loves– I mean we can have it all, can’t we?  So, the search for a part time beauty position began.

I’m not sure if it was where I was looking, or maybe my approach, but the challenges of being an older, new graduate were a little depressing, and I found it difficult to break into this very beautiful and youthful niche.

I am hesitant to say I experienced ageism, but what I will say instead was that I experienced being invisible.

I was not young, I did not have facial enhancements, my make-up was not full coverage, my hair was not always easily tamed.  So many nots and did nots, and then it dawned on me.  Open my own bloody salon, be genuine, be authentic and just be yourself. Make it a place where women can come on their very worst day and just know that we get it, we’ve been there, we’re not judging.  And so …… beauty!

I opened the doors at INSKINCARE in 2017 as a one woman show, and I am now proud to say we have extended our business to include two other Beauty Therapists and a Salon Assistant. My husband and I also have a small bobcat/excavator business now in its 16th year. Recently, I have ventured into manufacturing my own natural soy candle brand called Bellotto which has been inspired by another love of mine– animals, and I am currently undertaking my Training and Assessment Certificate. Oh, did I mention I have recently commenced study in Hairdressing because, well, why not!

So, if there’s anything I want others to learn from my story, especially more mature and experienced women, it’s that it’s never too late to find your passion! Don’t let age define the rest of your journey. Find what you want to do, do it and get a facial while you’re at it! 


Inskincare Beauty Salon Canberra
Inskincare Beauty Salon Canberra



Lovely ladies. beautiful friendly salon, terrific service and easy parking– what more could you want!!


I love going to see the ladies, It is always a pleasure and they are very professional and full of knowledge. Great service as always!


Fabulous experience! Great atmosphere and service is amazing! Can’t wait to book my first ever facial there too!