Inskincare Beauty Salon Canberra



Experience brighter, healthier skin with a facial that best suits your skin type.


led light therapy-inskincare-canberra

A 30-minute non-invasive Biosyntheses LED treatment that utilizes powerful LED lights to correct skin imperfections. A great add on treatment to your Proskin Facial!

propower peel-inskincare-canberra

An excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns, from acne and hyperpigmentation to advanced signs of ageing.



Get pampered with our Swedish Massage, Hot Rock Massage or Indian Head Massage.


spray tan-inskincare-canberra

Get a natural tan and glow with NAKED TAN, aftercare products avail.


A range of waxing services for the face and body for both men and women.



Luxurious manicure and pedicure services with the following styles: Petit, Sleek and Smooth and Signature.


brows and lashes-inskincare-canberra
Enhance your brows and lashes in healthy and natural-looking ways.


The Signature Facial

Your skin is assessed and your Payot facial is specifically designed for you and your concerns.  Enjoy a lux double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, beautiful Baume massage and nourishing masque, finishing off with moisturizer leaving you feeling fresh

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: All
$120.00 60mins

Purete Essentielle Facial

A rebalancing treatment, purifying oily and combination skin. This treatment is designed to detoxify and eliminate impurities in the skin to further encourage a more refined skin texture.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: All
$145.00 60mins

Eclat Essentielle Facial

A vitamin radiance treatment for the skin removing dull lack lustre appearance by energizing and nourishing the skin.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Dull, flat lacklustre
$155.00 75mins

Douceur Essentielle Facial

This facial treatment is specific to sensitive skin as it soothes and immediately comforts the sensitised skin and assists in healing by supporting the skins natural defences.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Sensitive
$155.00 75mins

Nutricia Essentielle Facial

A treatment targeting very dry skin in desperate need of lipid replacement, instant nourishment, and protection to the outer barrier. You will leave feeling renewed, with beautifully nourished soft skin.

Skin Type: Dry
Skin Condition: Dry, Flakey
$170.00 90mins

Hydration Essentielle Facial

This treatment enables deep hydration of the skin tissue.  A collagen masque also plumps out the skin.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Dehydrated
$170.00 90mins

Liss Absolu Facial

Designed to give you renewed and rejuvenated skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.  AHA peels are used to resurface the skin and a targeted masque to restore the skins pH level.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Fine lines & Wrinkles
$175.00 90mins

Lift Absolu Facial

An anti-aging facial treatment specifically targeting the skins elasticity, density, and firmness.  This treatment includes a uniquely formulated masque that regenerates, firms and lifts the facial features.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Mature
$175.00 90mins

Detox Absolu Facial

This facial is deliciously oxygenating and detoxifying, targeting pigmentation and uneven skin tones, encouraging f?

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Uneven Complexion
$175.00 90mins

Supreme Experience Facial

This ultimate skin treatment experience targeting all signs of ageing.  This treatment aids skin renewal and regeneration.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Mature
$190.00 90mins

Firming Eye Treatment (Add-on)

An eye treatment can be added on to any Payot facial treatment or whilst receiving another service. An eye treatment targeting dark circles and skin slackening.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Dark Under-Eyes
$25.00 15min 


Individualised ProSkin30

Proskin30 treatment is fully personalised and customised to our clients unique lifestyles and concerns. A 30-minute treatment with our dermalogica therapist to achieve the desired result.

$85.00 30min

Individualised ProSkin60

Proskin60 treatment is fully personalised and customised to our client’s unique lifestyles and concerns. A 60-minute treatment with our dermalogica therapist to achieve the desired results, including a bespoke 30-minute facial massage to enhance desired results. 

$120.00 60min


Propower Peel

Targeted peel designed to improve fine lines, smooth texture and improve dark circles.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Dark Circles and texture
$175.00 45min

TriPollar Face Treatment

The geneO+ platform enables an add-on option of the well validated 3rdgeneration TriPollar radiofrequency (RF) technology for non-invasive dermal remodeling. Methods:To investigate the OxyGeneo treatment mechanism, an evaluation of blood perfusion and tissue CO2and O

Also provided as an optional addon to other services

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Skin tightening
$70.00 45min

OxyGeneo + Ultrasound Super Facial

Using natural oxygen molecules from within, by triggering the Bohr effect, the skin is oxygenated and refreshed.  The increase in oxygen on the skin surface contributes to younger and healthier looking skin– increasing the blood flow and the natural metabolic processes.  In addition to the elevated oxygen levels the skin, Oxygeneo gently exfoliates the skin surface and active ingredients are introduced to treat various skin conditions.  The treatments result in smoother and revitalized skin, with immediate and long-term effects.

Oxygeneo is safe for all skin types with visible results in just one treatment.  We recommend one treatment per fortnight for six weeks.

Skin Type: All
Skin Condition: Various
$190.00 80min



Facial was awesome and so relaxing. Thank you for making my birthday extra special with some pampering!


My facial was incredible. Anne-Marie was amazing, she makes you feel so comfortable. The salon had a lovely feel to it, I could have fallen asleep. I walked out of there feeling like I was on cloud nine! My skin was glowing and I felt so much fresher and younger, can’t wait to book another one! highly recommend xx


My eyebrows thank you for their sexy shape and renewed colour! What a lovely personalised service you offered – highly recommend!